About Us

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mittins in sky

Our Philosophy

Freedom Knits is not “the other side.” We are both sides. And we are neither side.

Freedom Knits believes:

-A difference of opinion is not the same thing as hate.

-The validity of an argument is best measured on the free market of ideas.

-Censoring the opposing viewpoint does not mean you have won the debate.

-History’s greatest conflicts could have been better resolved over granny squares and chain stitches.

Why “Freedom”?

In sports, for a true rivalry to exist, there must be mutual respect. No matter how brutal the battle, how ferocious the fight, or how trashy the talk, each side recognizes the basic dignity within the other. Freedom Knits doesn’t pretend that honest differences don’t exist between honorable people. Freedom Knits is a place for true diversity to thrive – with yarn and needles in hand.

Our Approach

The vision for our site is to provide people who love arts and crafts a platform where they can publish their work in an unbiased environment. We allow members of our community to share what they want without the worry of it being taken down and or censored.

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