Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has ever thought.  -Albert Einstein

Some of the oldest knitted objects have been found in Egypt during the 11th century.  It spread to Europe where in the 17th century whole families on the Scottish Isles had some form of knitting as an important part of their income. Today, it is a worldwide hobby and pastime which gives people the opportunity to show off their imaginations and creativity.

Here at Freedom Knits, we give people the opportunity to express themselves in an apolitical and judgement-free environment. By joining our community, you get the opportunity to show fellow members your projects, inspirations, and designs while receiving useful and positive feedback.

Freedom Knits is for the knitting fanatics, the everyday knitters, and for those looking for a new hobby. It is for people who have an eye for creativity and experimentation.

Freedom Knits -- where artistic freedom is respected.

Photo by Sikkema @ Unsplash
Photo by Sikkema @ Unsplash
Knitting basket
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